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The small sized charcuterie box contains all local products and serves 1 - 2 people.

Monthly Special Small Box

  • This months small box contains:


    -    Genoa from Founders Delicatessen (100g)
    -    Gouda from Glasgow Glen Farms (100g)
    -    Pickled cucumber chips from Fortune Bridge Brinery (2oz)  
    -    Red Pepper, Chili & Cranberry Chutney from Forty Six North (2oz) 
    -    Course Dijon from Atlantic Mustard (2oz) 
    -    Spiced nuts from Maritime Marzipan (.50g)
    -    Country white crustinis made by True Loaf Bakery (100g)

  • We can deliver to any address within 5 km of our store location or you can pick up in store during business hours.

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