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None of the items in this box are made with gluten. Each producer does their best to avoid cross contamination, but some are not made in gluten free facilities. This medium sized charcuterie box will serve 3 - 4 people.

GF Box

  • This medium gluten free box contains:


    -    Capicola & Dry Cured Pepperoni from Founders Delicatessen (200g)
    -    Herb & Garlic Gouda from Glasgow Glen Farms & Smoked Cheddar from Charlottetown Cheese Co. (200g)
    -    Pickle Chips from Fortune Bridge Brinery (2oz)  
    -    Red Pepper, Chili & Cranberry Chutney from Forty Six North (2oz) 
    -    Course Dijon from Atlantic Mustard (2oz) 
    -    German Spiced Almonds from Maritime Marzipan (100g)
    -    Garlic Crostinis made with Organic Buckwheat Gluten Free bread (contains nuts and seeds) from True Loaf Bakery (200g)


We will be closed May 25th for the Belfast Tulip Market, come see us for charcuterie & macarons! 

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