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Cured Creations currently uses over 20 local suppliers in their boxes and retail shop!

Founders Deli.png

Founders Delicatessen meats are all ethically produced on PEI with Island farmed animals. They offer a wide variety of processed and value-added meat products; their meats are sure to be a local favorite.

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KJL Select Meats was started by farming families that wanted to put good local meat in the hands of Islanders. They take pride in knowing where every animal comes from and how it was raised- without the use of Growth Hormones or Antibiotics.

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Chtown Cheese Co.png

Glasgow Glen Farms, formerly the Cheese Lady Gouda shop, is PEI’s only artisan cheese maker. They create the cheese from Island dairy in North Winsloe, PEI where they currently produce 15 varieties of Gouda.

Charlottetown Cheese Co. ships in cheese from the Maritimes and around the world and operates out of the Charlottetown Farmers Market. 

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Fresh Start Fauxmage is a line of artisanal vegan cheese alternatives. Produced in a CFIA certified kitchen in PEI’s capital city, Fresh Start Fauxmage offers dairy-free, gluten-free, nut based products that people of every dietary style will enjoy.

forty six north.png

Forty Six North creates products made by hand from Prince Edward Island. All products are additive free: no added colors, no artificial flavors, no preservatives. Their products begin with whole foods and ingredients you can pronounce.

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Gourmet Pleasures of PEI is a manufacturer and distributor of gourmet spreads in Artisan hand painted jars.

Fortune Brinery.png

Fortune Bridge Brinery is a family run business bringing you the best in pickled products, representing fine products made in PEI- with ingredients you can see.

Atlantic Mustard.png

Atlantic Mustard is created by Chef Sabine and husband Micha, producing traditionally handcrafted gourmet mustard. Made with stone grind organic seeds, mixed with organic, fresh and local ingredients, are fermented and made with 100% solar energy.

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Finest Belgian chocolates, and marzipan based treats. Proudly handmade in St. Peters Bay, Prince Edward Island.

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Stir It Up Vegan Cafe is PEI’s first 100% vegan kitchen. Serving up delicious comfort food, using local and organic ingredients.

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Mary Manette's only sells the highest quality smoked Canadian seafood. Delicacies like smoked tinned PEI oysters, smoked tinned herring, mussels and our famous lemon horseradish cream sauce. 


Soleil's Farms are committed to growing quality local vegetables using organic, no spray farming methods that enrich the health of their soils.

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Canoe Cove is a family business which produces honey and beeswax products including candles, lip balm and skin creams.

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